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Guess Clothes Figure - Angela


Welcome to download Angela girl series of games, they fun and free.She is going to attend a party tonight, but she does not prepare nice clothes for it. Don’t worry about it, we will give you the opportunity to dress up for her. You can take Angela to come to our brand new guess clothes figure game. There will be lots of shinning clothes suitable for girls. Choose some beautiful dresses, shoes and accessories that Angela may like and put them in the given window box one by one. Angela will not know what you have chosen for her, but she can guess the clothes by the given hints. You know she is a clever girl. If she can guess all of the clothes right, then she can own all of these nice dresses and dress up with them for the party. In each step of guessing, we will show you one letter of the clothes name, you need to let Angela use it correctly. If every step of guessing is right, then at last Angela can put on these nice clothes and show us beautifully. Features:1. Choose some nice clothes and accessories 2. Let Angela guess the name of clothes one by one How to play:1. Come to choose some nice clothes and accessories for Angela 2. Put the clothes one by one in the given place 3. Give one letter as the hint for Angela 4. Let Angela guess the figure of clothes 5. Type the name of the clothes with the given letters below 6. Dress up Angela with the nice dresses and shoes that she has guessed correctly